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[All games take place at the Centre Ice RED rink]

Sun, Apr 19
8:30PM Salty Dogs vs. Moose Knucks
[9-1 Loss]

Tue, Apr 21
7:00PM The Ice Devils vs. Salty Dogs
[5-3 Win]

Wed, Apr 22
10:00PM Salty Dogs vs. Coilers
[6-3 Loss]

Tue, Apr 28
7:00PM The Renegades vs. Salty Dogs
[8-2 Win]

Fri, May 1
7:00PM Salty Dogs vs. The M.I.B.
[9-2 Loss]

Sun, May 3
8:30PM Stortz vs. Salty Dogs
[6-3 Win]

Tue, May 5
8:30PM Valley Ironmen vs. Salty Dogs
[6-5 Win]

Thu, May 7
10:00PM Salty Dogs vs. Pulse
[11-7 Loss]

Mon, May 11
8:30PM Iron Nights vs. Salty Dogs
[2-1 Win]

Wed, May 13
10:00PM Salty Dogs vs. Framing Nation
[7-3 Loss]

Wed, May 20
8:30PM Brewers vs. Salty Dogs

Sun, May 24
10:00PM Salty Dogs vs. The Pucks

Wed, May 27
7:00PM The Bulls vs. Salty Dogs

Fri, May 29
10:00PM Salty Dogs vs. Steel Dragons

Tue, Jun 2
10:00PM Red Necks vs. Salty Dogs



1. Mark - April 21, 2009

I thought we only lost 6-1. Not that it matters…

2. Kris - April 21, 2009

nope. the actual score was 9-1.
Full stats are on the Centre Ice Site.

3. Karl - April 22, 2009

On the scoreboard they will only show up to a 5 goal difference, hence the 6-1. But they will continue to keep the real score for the statpro site.

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